Deskera Books

The platform to run your #accounting

Automate all accounting tasks, including invoicing,
billing, expenses, payments, taxes, reporting,
approval flows, and more.

Invoicing, Accounting & Inventory for Small Business Owners and Bookkeepers
Impress your customers with professional invoices. Delight them with on time and accurate order delivery and make life easy for them (and yourself) by accepting online payments.
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Manage Sales and Orders

Manage your sales and orders from start to finish. Create estimates and convert to invoice upon confirmation. Receive and record online payments automatically. Fulfill orders and keep track of your
cost of goods sold.

Take Charge of
Your Inventory

Manage all your inventory through a single dashboard. Whether you’re picking, packing, and shipping, or even dropshipping,
we’ve got you covered!
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Beautiful, Professional
Invoice Templates

Record purchase orders and bills in a few clicks. Keep track of your payables and expenses in one place.

Email purchase orders to your suppliers and receive goods on time to maintain optimal inventory levels.

All Your Contacts
in One Place

Maintain your supplier and customer list in one centralized location. Access contact details from
anywhere, anytime.

Track outstanding receivables and payables easily and keep your cash flow healthy.

Easy Adjustment of
Invoices & Bills

Easily adjust your invoices and bills when needed with
credit and debit notes.

Create credit and debit notes when necessary for your customers and suppliers. Apply credit and debit notes against invoices and bills in one click to knock off outstanding amounts.

All the accounting entries are made automatically so you can focus on your business.

Better Backorder Management

Better Backorder Management Get notified of any shortfall in inventory while creating estimates/quotations or invoices. Create a backorder immediately in one click and get notified when you have received the goods. Fulfill all your orders on time and never fall short on inventory.

Pick Pack Ship

Get premium inventory functions like pick pack ship in Deskera Books. Conduct your entire sales and order fulfillment online.

Create picking lists, pack into cartons and boxes, and ship via a carrier of your choice. Print packing
and shipping labels.

Track the order shipment in real time with our Fedex and USPS
tracking apps for free.

Automatic Tax Calculations

Get accurate tax reports and know your tax liability at all times. Tax is applied automatically to invoices and other documents
according to local tax rules.

You can configure your tax codes for any country, or use inbuilt tax compliances for the USA, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia (Australia, Canada, and Japan coming soon).

Easy Online

You focus on quotations, invoices, receipts, payments and selling your products while Deskera takes care of all the accounting needed for
compliance and reporting.

We do the heavy lifting
behind the scenes so you can focus on running your business.

Quick and
Easy Setup

Just sign up for a new account with Deskera Books using your email or social authentication and half the work is done. Get preconfigured accounting rules, invoice templates, tax codes, chart of accounts among other things. Jump in and start creating invoices and run your business. Easily import your excel files or simply connect Deskera to your existing Xero or Quickbooks account for automatic import.

Create and
Send Invoices

Generate and send invoices from your phone or laptop in minutes. Use our professional invoice templates or design your own.

Convert your confirmed quotations and estimates to invoices
in one click.

Use Stripe, Veem or Paypal with Deskera to get paid immediately.

Easily Track Dropship Orders

Deskera Books allows you to quickly create dropship orders for your supplier from customer orders. All the product, quantity and delivery address fields will be auto populated. All you need to do is update fulfillment status once the actual shipment is done – Deskera takes care of all the accounting nits and grits.

Automate Inventory Tracking Across Warehouses

Track different type of products, including goods, services, raw materials and finished goods.

Inventory movement across multiple warehouses is recorded automatically when you carry out any transaction.

Get the flexibility of auto fulfillment and auto goods receipt when creating invoices and bills.

Multi Currency
Made Easy

Maintain exchange rates for over
110 currencies.

Choose to get daily, weekly or monthly currency exchange updates.

Create your invoices and bills in multiple currencies. Get forex gain/loss report.

Chart of Accounts

Deskera Books comes with a preconfigured Chart of Accounts
suitable for your business. All the
necessary mappings are done
for you so you don’t have to
spend any time
in GL configuration.

You can always choose to add/edit or import your own chart of accounts via a simple excel upload.

Upfront Payments

Record advance payments and deposits for your suppliers and
customers in currency
of your choice.

Use the advances to knock off
against existing or
future bills and invoices.

Add Your
Own Fields

Configure your data entry fields by adding custom fields of your choice to multiple forms like invoices, bills, journal entries, contacts or products.

Filter all reports, including financial reports by custom fields to get better insight into your data.

Real Time

Access all reports, including
financial reports online.

View income statement, balance sheet, trial balance, cash flow statement, general ledger and tax reports on your phone or desktop.

Get detailed insight into your sales, purchase and inventory. Splice your reports using custom fields.

Add Your
Accountants for Free

Simply enter your accountant’s email and invite them to
use the system.

Control the access rights for team members with our simple yet powerful role based access system.

And you get free users too!

Journal Entries

All transactional journal entries, like invoice or forex gain/loss are automatically created and mapped to the correct general ledger account for
proper reporting.
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